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Only at Idyllwild Arts will you find one-of-a-kind Signature Programs that go beyond the curriculum to embolden and cultivate artists as global citizens who attain the height of individuality through partnership, as interdisciplinary thinkers. These programs provide exceptional opportunities for students to share their artistic voices and challenge their own creativity through unique educational offerings, volunteer opportunities, access to student grant funds, high-level masterclasses, networking with renowned organizations, and exposure to industry experts.

A signature programs student.

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Four AEL student designers.

Arts Enterprise Labratory

AEL provides students with entrepreneurial opportunities to develop and implement arts projects beyond the scope of the IAA curriculum and engage with surrounding communities. With our competitive student grant initiative, AEL supports the conceptualization, production, and promotion of original works. Under faculty mentorship, grant-receiving students learn to create schedules and budgets, follow through with grant requirements, and to recruit and collaborate with their classmates to achieve success.

An art in society student performing.

Art in Society

AIS is a hybrid program that offers a curriculum focused on becoming a Citizen Artist through volunteering and a weekly class (for one full arts credit). The class integrates multiple elements, including active participation in community service, collaboration with guest artists who are committed to social justice, and a specialized curriculum.

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