English Language Learners (ELL)

At Idyllwild Arts, we teach English for Academic Communication to empower ambitious students who come from diverse linguistic backgrounds to meet their academic goals. Our inclusive environment fosters belonging, builds confidence, and facilitates fluency.

A student in class.
A group of students at a dance.


Idyllwild Arts Academy’s English for Academic Communication Program is designed to provide quality instruction to students whose first language is not English to ensure they meet the academic requirements for graduation, as outlined by the Student-Parent Handbook and prescribed by the University of California Admissions Standards. Three levels of instruction are offered to develop proficiency in oral and written English: beginning, intermediate, and advanced. Core classes include listening, speaking, reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar. Class size is limited to provide individual attention and instructors are committed to increasing intercultural understanding as well as language proficiency. 

Newly enrolled international students take our comprehensive English skills test to determine their appropriate starting levels. Teachers monitor each student’s progress with assessment tools and end-of-semester level checks to assess progress. Our immersive environment gives space for students to learn, grow, and thrive with the goal of fully integrating into mainstream classes.

Requirements & Course Levels

Students must achieve an average grade of C- (70%) in each EAC class before they can proceed to the next level of proficiency. Class performance is also a contributing factor to a student’s progression. All students will get at least one year, if not more, of mainstream classes before graduation. With the belief that each student is unique in their language development, the program is tailored to align with their individual needs. It’s the department’s mission to provide our students with proficient academic and language skills in 1 to 3 years to successfully integrate them into mainstream classes and achieve their long-term goals.

  • Grammar & Composition
  • Literature
  • Language Skills (including ‘English for Math’)
  • Resource
  • Rhetoric & Composition
  • EAC Literature*
  • Introduction to Social Studies* (9th grade only)
  • World Cultures* (10th grade only)
  • Plus Math* & Science* (for 11th graders)

*Plus Math & Science* (for 10th & 11th graders)

  • Rhetoric & Composition II* (9th & 10th grade only)
  • Introduction to Literature*
  • U.S. History*
  • American Literature*

*Plus Math & Science* (for 10th & 11th graders)

Accepting Applications for Spring and Fall 2024