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March 23 All day

Catch our Fashion Design students’ original creations on the runway at Los Angeles Fashion Week in a collection entitled “Metamorphosis: A Journey Through Mold, Decay, and Birth.” Their stunning designs delve into the profound cycles woven into nature’s fabric. In a visually enthralling odyssey, the show unfolds in three distinct chapters—Mold, Decay, and Birth—each a poignant representation of the eternal life cycle. Designers artfully intertwine organic textures, asymmetrical cuts, distressed materials, and ethereal fabrics, capturing the essence of decay, growth, and renewal. This avant-garde spectacle beckons the audience to embrace the beauty inherent in every stage of existence, transcending conventional fashion norms and applauding the cyclical journey that defines the very essence of life.

This is a ticketed event; check back soon for the ticket link!

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A student modeling.

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