The Nomadic Artist: Week 13


Pictured Above: The Chetwood, an artist-in-residence program and live-in gallery in Oakland, CA. PC: Terri Loewenthal

While in San Francisco, I spent one week at The Chetwood, an artist-run residency and live-in gallery in Oakland, CA. Crossed over the bridge transitioning from busy San Francisco to a more laid-back, sunny part of town — a red house surrounded by giant palm trees by Lake Merritt. Parked my art-filled car and was kindly greeted by artist Terri Loewenthal and her family. They brought me to the downstairs unit, which was a gorgeous newly renovated bedroom and gallery space.

Private living area for artist with garden space. PC: Terri Loewenthal


The Chetwood is a unique residency experience originating in 2012. It is intended to provide lodging to artists visiting the Bay Area in order to create a specific project or exhibition. Past residents include multidisciplinary musician/performer/technologists Lucky Dragons (Sarah Rara / Luke Fischbeck), during their residency at the Exploratorium; documentary filmmaker Cheryl Dunn during her commission from Creative Growth Art Center to create a documentary about William Scott; chef Eric Werner during the book release event for The Edible Selby at Camino restaurant; artist Nathaniel Russell and his murals-in-progress; and Tokyo chefs Shin Harakawa and Rimpei, during their residency at Chez Panisse.

Artwork on display at The Chetwood. PC: Richelle Gribble

Thrilled to be invited to join this community, residing at this beautiful house while completing my creative projects for Planet. My residency culminated in an evening of art and song at The Chetwood. Artist Evan Higgins and I presented artworks in the live-in gallery space and garden. I gave an artist talk about my projects and journey as “The Nomadic Artist,” which was followed by a performance by FUTURE CHORUS.

Presenting artist talk at The Chetwood. PC: Forest Stearns

It was a magical night as we united under the stars. Singers and artists, families and friends, and creative individuals throughout the Bay Area shared ideas and songs by the fire. It was hopeful, reminding all of us just how special community gatherings and sharing can be.

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