More College Opportunities

The Idyllwild Arts Academy College Counselors are proud of how the Academy prepares its young artists for college as well as for life after college:
– Life Skills Class: During junior year, you’ll have a class that teaches you valuable skills for use during your college application process and beyond. These include how to interview, how to write a resume, and how to apply for an arts grant. You’ll also learn how to find colleges that are a good fit for you and how to prepare for the application process.
– Time Management: Balancing the Academy’s rigorous dual schedule of academic classes and arts classes shows colleges that you’re capable of handling multiple things at the same time–a valuable skill for college and for the rest of your life.
– Interdisciplinary: You’ll learn how art and society connect to one another. If you’re applying to art colleges, they’ll see the richness in your work since you’ve learned to think about what concepts you want your art to explore. If you’re applying for majors outside of art, colleges will appreciate that you’ve learned how art both influences and is influenced by society.
– Community: You’ll have multiple people helping you throughout the college application process, including faculty, a faculty advisor, your peers, and dedicated college counselors. You’ll learn from each other and help each other throughout the ups and downs of the process.
– Unique Programs: Idyllwild Arts offers many ways to boost your resume and further explore your art and other interests at the same time. Join Art in Society to give back to the community while using art to create positive change. Apply for a grant through Arts Enterprise Laboratory and get funding to do an art project beyond the scope of what you’re already doing for your classes. Both programs supply leadership experience, which colleges covet in their applicants.

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