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Message from the President and Head of School



There is a chill in our mountain air which means that the school year is well underway. Students are planning for their first performances and exhibits and our Enrollment Management team is already recruiting for next year’s class.

It was my pleasure recently to travel to Atlanta to visit The Children’s School and Ron Clark Academy. These schools are embracing news ways of learning and preparing students to boldly and confidently chart their own futures.

While in Atlanta, I also attended The Black Parents Forum & Admissions Fair. I was honored to have Idyllwild Arts represented at this forum, as the families who were present were seeking to know more about independent schools and the unique education we are able to provide our students. Wherever my travels take me, I find that most parents have the same aspirations for their children: to be happy, to be supported in their endeavors, and to be safe.

Traveling the globe to find dedicated, talented, and driven young artists helps us ensure the diverse community that is a cornerstone of an Idyllwild Arts education. In today’s environment, it is imperative that we teach students how to work and interact with those from other cultures and different walks of life, or with different abilities. This school year we admitted 319 students from thirty-six countries and we did this with the intention of preparing the next generation of artists, thinkers, and leaders.

Nothing warms my heart more than to hear a thirteen-year-old artist passionately explain why Idyllwild Arts is the school they want to attend. We will continue to do all that we can to ensure that this vibrant school community meets the needs and demands of this generation and those that follow.


Pamela Jordan
President and Head of School