A Bridge from Diversity to Inclusion


People are Will Yarbrough’s passion and he loves working with young people of every background so that they can attain their full potential. This passion and love, along with his previous job experience as Director of Admissions for Wesley College Preparatory School, in Riverside, California, qualify Will for the challenging work ahead of him in the brand-new position of Diversity Enrollment and Retention Coordinator for Idyllwild Arts.

Like Monique Riedel, who joined Idyllwild Arts in 2019 as Diversity Coordinator, Will is going to be another point person for the institution’s determined efforts to ensure diversity, equity, and inclusion. As Monique noted last year, “It’s one thing to have a broad mix of people in your community, but it’s another thing for all the people in that broad mix to feel like they belong to the community as equally respected members.” 

Her words “equally respected” are crucial. Authentic inclusion requires equal respect; equal respect, if put into action, results in equity. It’s these things–equity and inclusion–that make diversity meaningful. Idyllwild Arts Foundation President Pamela Jordan and her leadership team have made an unwavering commitment to meaningful diversity and dismantling institutional bias.

Will’s previous employer, Wesley College Preparatory School, was created in order to help students of color prepare for college. He is therefore well acquainted with the challenge he faces and he is confident about succeeding.